Journalist, Wildlife Photographer and Filmmaker
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A Wild Aussie: The journey of a wildlife camerawoman

On the trail of the Red Deer Rut

What an incredible first few weeks on the Masters of Wildlife Filmmaking at UWE. We have had back-to-back camera, sound, business and story-telling workshops as well as three inspiring talks by expert producers at the BBC Natural History Unit.

The Bower Ashton Campus is backed onto the superb, 850 acre Ashton Court Estate, filled with herds of red deer, hovering raptors and biting ticks!

Over the next few months the males will spar off and I am hoping to practise my camera skills by recording their calls and clashes. I just have to remember not get too close or fall over in the long grass. The 800mm long lens and extender is now officially my new best friend! 

Nardine Groch