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A Wild Aussie: The journey of a wildlife camerawoman


I had the most incredible week at Wildscreen in Bristol with talks and masterclasses everyday and networking events at night. I was extremely lucky to be able to work as a volunteer usher and hear alot of the sessions but also chat to producers and other creative individuals who are working in the industry.

It was wonderful to hear many open conversations about the future direction of both wildlife and conservation filmmaking and to hear a great talk by George Marshall from Climate Outreach about how to use film more effectively to communicate Climate Change. He spoke of how we are living in a time when soon all that will be left of the natural world will be our work as filmmakers.

“Climate change speaks to our fear of death; it is why we avoid thinking about it but in your films you should try and build on a language of renewal, rebirth and survival rather than death, "he said. 

The panda awards or wildlife Oscars as they are more commonly known was another highlight of the week and I was lucky enough to be working backstage and just happened to walk past David Attenborough a couple of times in the hallway. I also had my photo snapped with cameraman and presenter Gordon Buchanan.

It was delightful but also heart wrenching to hear David Attenborough speak so honestly earlier in the day about his thoughts on the future survival of the natural world.  

“Everyone in this room will see a better world than our grandchildren will."

"The natural world existed long before we came and we have no right to destroy it, “ he said.

However, he still believes there is hope and that human beings have the ability to turn things around if they wish. He referred to the fact that twice nations have gotten together to sign declarations that would see the banning of CFC’s that were destroying the ozone layer and in the 80's agreed to place an International ban on commercial whaling, which has seen whale populations across the planet increase in number. I too am going to remain optimistic as all we have in the end is alot of hard work, a bit of luck and barrels of hope!  

Nardine Groch