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A Wild Aussie: The journey of a wildlife camerawoman

Grey squirrel watching!

My fellow MA Wildlife Filmmaking classmates and I are spending the next month learning how to film sequences and interviews and I am keen to film as much wildlife around Bristol as possible. I am hoping to be able to film kingfishers, otters and badgers but for my first sequence I have chosen a slightly easier target, the very cute, but unfortunately very invasive: grey squirrel. This seemingly harmless little mammal has spread across Britain and has been responsible for displacing the native red squirrel. 

In Bristol's very steep, very central park, Brandon Hill, I searched amongst the autumn leaves for grey squirrels, but all I had to do was follow the people and the bags of nuts! Hand feeding grey squirrels has become a popular family event in the park and so it is not difficult to get close-up shots if you have some patience. I don't believe in feeding wildlife so I didn't bring any nuts along, I just observed others from behind-the-lens. Grey squirrels run very fast so getting sequences in focus was more challenging than I was expecting. Let's see how the final short-film turns out! 

Nardine Groch